About Cannabis Credit Scores

Maintaining reliable partnerships is crucial and in this industry too frequently you find out too late when that great new client stops paying.  We are bringing transparency and accountability to payment practices and ease of doing business. 

Cannabis Credit Scores addresses this by providing a platform for you to view and share firsthand experiences with clients, shedding light on their payment practices and overall business conduct.  

Don’t find out payment is going to be a problem after you deliver. 

Whether you are a small team of growers or a massive brand you can search our database of companies and see their industry score and individual reviews at no cost.  

Our mission is to cultivate a transparent and informed business environment by offering a trusted platform for companies to exchange feedback on their client and vendor relationships. We believe that open communication and honest reviews empower businesses to make informed decisions about their partnerships, ensuring fair and ethical practices throughout the supply chain and improving the industry as a whole.

At Cannabis Credit Scores, we prioritize transparency and impartiality. We encourage businesses to share their honest experiences, both positive and negative, providing a comprehensive overview of their interactions with clients and vendors. We also provide the opportunity to respond to feedback and address any concerns.

We believe that together we can positively impact the industry by promoting responsible vendor practices and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. We are committed to providing a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes, helping them navigate the complexities of vendor relationships and make informed decisions that support their growth and success.  

Our Values

    • Transparency: We champion open and honest communication. All reviews on our platform are publicly visible, encouraging constructive dialogue between businesses and vendors.

    • Privacy: All feedback on our platform is from verified cannabis businesses, but the identify of individual contributors is never disclosed.  

    • Fairness: We strive to provide an unbiased platform for all businesses and vendors. We enforce strict guidelines to ensure reviews are genuine and objective.

    • Empowerment: We empower businesses to make informed decisions about their vendor relationships by providing access to reliable information.

    • Accountability: We promote responsible business practices by providing a platform for businesses to hold vendors accountable for their payment terms and overall conduct.