Where the Sherbwalk Ends

A fruity yet spicy rendition of Permanent Marker from Pleasant Effects is boosting the profile of the Rhode Island-based grower across the East Coast, as is its eye-catching and artistic packaging including a nostalgic take on a Shel Silverstein classic. Sam, one of the co-founders behind the brand, gained non-cannabis know-how at a local hydroponics company that was designing large-scale hydroponic produce farms. There, he was a head grower, putting together hydroponic systems, but for edible plants.

“Growing cannabis is always what I’ve loved to grow the most. I’ve always been passionate about it,” Sam says. “We competed in the East Coast Zalympix in New York City last year, that was definitely one cool moment.”

Recently, Pleasant Effects executed a collaboration with The Book Club, which releases curated cannabis drops, all styled after books and designed by glass artist and illustrator Trevor Johns, aka Trevy Metal. The drop with Pleasant Effects was inspired by the whimsical collection of poems by Silverstein, specifically a play on his classic, Where the Sidewalk Ends. “Where the Sherbwalk Ends” is a collaboration with Pleasant Effects, based off of Sherbanger #22, and lists a fictional author, Sherb Silverstein.

“We’re pretty much showcasing the love for literature,” says Trevy Metal. “Every book that we chose has somewhat of a nostalgic factor to it. Like this one in particular, I was like a huge fan, as I was inspired by all illustrations from Shel Silverstein growing up.”

The homage is fitting given that Silverstein wrote a series of poems and songs about pot, quaaludes, and other drugs. These references can be found in his famous poem “The Smoke-Off” (1978) which describes smoking in San Rafael, California or the song “I Got Stoned and I Missed It” (1972).

This article was originally published in the April 2024 issue of High Times Magazine.

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