Vlasic Classic Charity Golf Tournament Raises Funds for Last Prisoner Project

The second annual Vlasic Classic Charity Golf mixer was recently held in Missouri by the brand of the same name, Vlasic Labs. The Vlasic Classic featured an 18-hole golf tournament in which 27 teams participated. More than 100 participants representing various advocates and legislators both from Missouri and throughout the country were drawn to the tournament at the Old Kinderhook Golf Club in the Lake of the Ozarks.

The event raised $43,000, which will be granted to the Last Prisoner Project to assist people who have been imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes. This includes “supporting legal efforts, reentry programs, and advocacy work aimed at freeing cannabis prisoners and helping them reintegrate into society,” Vlasic Labs wrote in a press release

“This event brings together the things we love most and allows us to give back to the community in a significant way. The support we received from the cannabis industry and the funds raised for the Last Prisoner Project demonstrate the positive impact we can achieve together,” said Vlasic Labs co-founder, Rick Vlasic.

Vlasic Labs offers hemp-based wellness products through tinctures, topicals, and gummies, with a focus on CBD, CBG, and CBN. Additionally, the brand developed a specific line of products dedicated to pets as well. It prioritizes product experiences both for everyday consumers, as well as those who do more physically demanding work and also athletes.

Immediately after the conclusion of the Missouri-based golf tournament, Vlasic Classic announced that it will be hosting another event at St. John’s Resort in Michigan between Aug. 16-18. “As Vlasic Labs prepares for the Michigan Vlasic Classic, the company is committed to continuing its tradition of philanthropy and community support,” the brand wrote. “The upcoming event promises to build on the momentum and success of the Missouri outing, furthering the impact of the Last Prisoner Project and celebrating the shared values of the Vlasic family and their partners.”

Historically, the Vlasic family often took part in philanthropic endeavors. Vlasic Labs wrote on its website that before World War II, Vlasic ancestor Joseph Vlasic took part in streamlining milk delivery in the Midwest. Later with his son Robert, they developed a pickle brand that eventually became one of the most famous pickle brands in the world: Vlasic Family Pickle. Through that success, Robert Vlasic donated his accrued wealth to the Henry Ford Health System, the Michigan Humane Society, and the University of Michigan.

Vlasic Labs launched its brand in 2019, co-founded by Rick Vlasic and his son, Willy, to continue on the legacy of honest family branding. “The Vlasic Family founded Vlasic Labs on the same principles and values that brought their pickles into the refrigerators of 90 million Americans: quality, consistency, and value,” the brand website stated.

“Our journey from dairy to pickles, and now to hemp wellness, is driven by a mission to innovate for the betterment of society,” Rick Vlasic said in March. Rick is proud to have been taught by both his grandfather (Joseph) and father (Robert), and he forged his own path in the 1980s when he helped the “Big 3” auto companies enter the digital age by developing digital e-learning courses focused on healthcare and safety.

Cannabis and golf are an excellent match. Consuming cannabis on the green is easy, and the high can last as long as the game (as long as you’ve confirmed that it’s permitted at your course of choice). Back in 2018, Golf Digest studied three golfers of three different skill levels (semi-pro, amateur, and casual) and how their performance changed after getting high with various doses (6 mg, 18 mg, 34 mg, and 50 mg). “Like everything else in life, moderation is key. A little bit of marijuana—in this case, around 18 milligrams—can help to relax muscles and calm nerves, aiding distance and overall tee-to-green performance,” Golf Digest wrote. “Consume in excess of that, however, and focus, energy, hand-eye coordination, and munchies become major impediments. In the most general terms, marijuana use on the golf course reflected our experience with alcohol: A little goes a long way, but a little too much will have you playing from the wrong fairway for the rest of the afternoon.”

While that study was conducted over six years ago, plenty more studies have unveiled the benefits of cannabis when applied to other sports or forms of exercise. Some athletes have found results in using cannabis for recovery, according to a 2023 study. Another study from last year found evidence that cannabis could help some athletes prevent brain damage.

The mainstream reputation of cannabis today has even led major sports organizations like the NCAA, NBA, and more, to loosen restrictions on cannabis consumption. Over time, many athletes came out publicly defending their right to consume cannabis and help treat their various sports-related conditions and injuries.

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