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OGs fit for a king

Crown Genetics is the award-winning creator of the Crown OG. As one of the leading flower brands focused on proving only the best varieties of OG in the cannabis industry, Crown Genetics has become synonymous with superior genetics that is considered royalty. With the Crown OG, Dizzy OG, and Green Suicide, CG reigns supreme when it comes to fire flower.


Before it became the cannabis kingdom it is now, Crown Genetics came from humble beginnings. In 2012, two buddies with a passion for marijuana cultivation banded together and swore to see the industry move into a commercialized direction. They began by working with OG genetics to breed something original and unique, a strain that marijuana smokers of all kinds could enjoy. Their creation: Crown OG.

While in many ways a traditional OG, the Crown OG has a potency that cannot be denied with sweet piney flavors and heavy Indica effects.

They started taking their new creation/signature strain to dispensaries throughout the San Fernando Valley. Immediately dispensaries started stocking their shelves with the newest Indica strain, only to see it sell out just as quickly. With appearances at numerous events in the area and branded shirts featuring the flower, word of mouth quickly spread that the Crown OG was the fire flower to get your hands on. Crown Genetics was officially on the map.

Their Crown OG strain was extracted and entered into their first cannabis cup.  Crown OG took home 3rd place in “Best Indica Concentrate” in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. With their first award under their belt, they soon became friends with Dizzy Wright, an American rapper from Las Vegas, and collaborated to create Dizzy OG. Intended as a gift to his cannabis smoking fans, Dizzy OG became the second in classic strain in Crown Genetics growing empire.

Currently, Crown Genetics is still perfecting their third OG strain: Green Suicide. A strain bred with Juicy J and perfection in mind, Crown Genetics continues to add to their story as one of the most influential flower brands in the cannabis community.


Crown Genetics secret to perfecting their genetics is no secret at all: attention to detail. CG grows their indoor flower in smaller rooms with fewer lights to have more climate and environment control. While giant warehouses with huge rooms of 40-50 lights may make for impressive yields, they often generate subpar buds in comparison to Crown Genetics smaller, 15-20 light rooms. Smaller batches may make for a lower yield, but they also make for more aromatic, flavorful, and potent flower.


Crown Genetics has won multiple awards due to their line of OG strains: Crown OG, Dizzy OG, and Green Suicide. All incredible OG strains, all fan favorites. The Crown OG is a powerful Indica with SFG OG and King Louis in its lineage. Although substantial body highs will follow, it provides a great euphoric buzz along with piney flavors. Dizzy OG was created exclusively for Dizzy OG, as a thank you to his weed smoking fans. A cross between Crown OG and King Louis, this is a heavy Indica of the highest quality. Green Suicide is a collaboration between Juicy J that is still in the development phase. Public opinions and a constant drive for refinement keep this brilliant strain inching closer and closer to perfection.

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