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Northern Emeralds bring passion and professionalism to the cannabis industry with their top shelf flower. They believe that when dealing with a live plant, you get what you put into it, and Northern Emeralds puts a lot into their cannabis. Connoisseurs have come to appreciate their cultivation methods that make for flavorful and consistent quality flowers that provide medical and recreational benefits with every smoke. Northern Emerald’s love cannabis and takes pride in trying to show the beauty of the plant while elevating every aspect of their cannabusiness.


Although established in 2015, the cultivators at Northern Emeralds have been growing for many years. Starting with their passion for cannabis and for their endless curiosity towards the science of cultivating, the growers started developing, tweaking and refining their methods in search of the perfect process. When they started as a small business, they won over dispensaries not only with their high-quality flower but with their professionalism and proficiency. Their promptness and attention to detail made them easy and desirable to work with, in addition to providing consistent products each and every week. Growing from just a few employees to over fifty, Northern Emeralds is one of the biggest cannabis companies in all of Humboldt. They made a name for themselves in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles, and are becoming one of the most recognized brands throughout all of California. Northern Emerald’s strives to be a professional and polished brand that earns the respect of those in the marijuana industry and community, from dispensary owners, extract artists and consumers alike.


Northern Emerald’s doesn’t play the strain game; it’s all about method. Through the perfecting of their cultivation process, Northern Emerald manages to get the very best out of the cannabis plant. They meticulously trim their flowers to ensure they look beautiful, with sparkling trichomes that highlight the beauty of the flower. Working in small batches to provide top shelf cannabis that provides smooth, clean smoking experiences, Northern Emeralds can adapt their growing methods depending on the particular need of each strain. Every strain needs something different, and they work with fewer plants to give the full attention each plant needs.


Northern Emerald’s was put on the map thanks to their two signature strains: Titan OG and Sapphire Kush. With everything you could ever want out of a classic OG and Kush flower, these two possess distinct flavor, aroma, and effects.

Lab Testing:

Northern Emeralds is fully compliant with all state and local regulations, and they test their flower with CW Analytical. They test for everything from cannabinoid potency, pesticides, microbial, and contaminants.

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